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11 June 2016

Online Distribution – Part II: Selling Online When You Are Based In China?

Despite a recent boom in cross-border sales, domestic e-commerce remains the largest online market in China. Any brand distributing its products in China should have both an offline and online… View Article
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Online Distribution – Part I: Are You Complying With The New Regulations In China?

During the last past years, development of the e-commerce economy in China has been phenomenal and exponential. Billions are spent by Chinese consumers every year to buy retail items via… View Article
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11 May 2016

Offline Distribution: Are You Operating Your Franchise in China Properly?

With Chinese consumers now expressing a demand for quality products and services, the number of foreign brands entering China via the franchise model continues to grow. As it makes reforms… View Article
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11 April 2016

Shanghai Free Trade Zone Could Be Finally Arising!

After two years wondering how the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) would make a real difference for foreign-invested companies, a recent liberalization in its regulation have made companies to… View Article
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17 March 2016

The key to successful due diligence

The improved Chinese legal environment came with the development of the economy, which has created a numerous amount of potential domestic targets for foreign companies. Regardless of the improved legal… View Article
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11 November 2015

Why Using a HK Company for Structuring Your Investment in China?

Why should a foreign entity continue to use Hong Kong as an entry point for their operations in Mainland China? Hong Kong corporate and legal environment have allowed this Special… View Article
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