23.02.20 Compliance
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Cybersecurity for Energy Operator

Leaf team has assisted a leading European energy provider in a range of operations related to data protection and privacy in policy compliance, internal policies and strategies areas by leading a full spectrum compliance audit of the company policies relative to both the PRC Cyber Security and the European Union GDPR regulations.

On that basis, we initiated a due diligence report to confirm cybersecurity obligations.

Assisting the company in establishing a risk assessment and risk mitigation plan, as well as a contingency plan preparation, on matters relevant to data security and leakage. We also assisted the company in the review and update of their existing documentation.

Advising the company on matters related to their staff access permission and access to the data, the creation of an in-house Incident Response Team, as well as the set up of a training program for the staff relative to data issues.