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Defining the business scope of your company can really make a difference between approval and rejection of the project by the SAMR. Indeed, a company can only conduct business within its business scope. With China’s accession to the WTO, more and more business are opened to FIEs.

What is the business scope?

In the application documents, the business scope is a list of business activities that the FIE will be able to carry out in China. For classification purpose, the major business activities will define the overall nature of the FIE, the type of invoices to be issued by the company and the applicable taxes for example. 

How to draft the business scope for a company?

The FIE business scope shall be precise, leave no room for interpretation, and in compliance with the restrictions provided in the Negative List. A vague business scope can lead either to rejection by SAMR or to the wrong classification of the industry of an FIE. As a consequence, the local Chinese Tax Bureau may refuse to process the FIE tax registration.

For example, tax treatments between manufacturing FIEs and consulting FIEs are different.

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To know more, download our legal handbook related to setting up a business structure in China …

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