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Contractual Options

31 May 2019  -  Corporate
Securing a Franchising Agreement & Protecting your Business

The number of foreign brands entering China via securing a franchising agreement has continually increased since the development of commercial franchising in the early 1990s’. The latest regulations were issued... View Article

31 May 2019  -  Contractual
Franchise in China: Contractual Options

Franchise in China is a wide concept. Many distribution agreements are facing the risk to fall under the category of franchising agreements. For exemple, “commission/affiliation” and agency contracts According to... View Article

31 May 2019  -  Corporate
The China VIE Structure: Contractual Options

What is the VIE structure?   The China VIE Structure (Variable Interest Entities) is a contractual option. Where a wholly or partially foreign-owned entity enters into contracts with a Chinese company... View Article

31 May 2019  -  Contractual
Arrangements in China: Investment Options

Arrangements in China : Manufacturing agreements or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreements are contracts providing for the terms and conditions of the relationship between one company, and a manufacturer which manufactures... View Article

31 May 2019  -  Contractual
Investment Options in China: Contractual Options

Contractual arrangements appoint Chinese partners as distributors, or trading or sourcing agents. It is an appropriate option for foreign investors who do not want to set up permanently in China.... View Article

31 May 2019  -  Contractual
Distribution Arrangements – Essential contract stipulations

Foreign investors can enter into distribution arrangements with Chinese distributors who already have distribution networks in China. Drafting carefully your distribution agreement with your Chinese. Indeed, distributor is essential as there... View Article