Leaf Leaf

Leaf Special Rules to deal with COVID-19

February 16, 2020

Dear Leaf Team Members,

We have decided to implement the following rules to increase the safety of the team.

1/ Unless otherwise decided by the authorities, work will resume in the office on Monday February 10, 2020. From February 10 to February 18 (included), the team members may chose to work in the office or from home. Everybody is expected to be in the Shanghai office starting from Wednesday morning, unless such person has to conduct a quarantine according to this rules.

In the event a team member decides to work from home remotely, he shall be reachable on his mobile. Group conf call will be organize to discuss operations.

If video or conf call with clients located outside China, we can use zoom. Internal conf calls will be done by phone or wechat call.

2/ Before returning to the office, each team member who travelled and came back to Shanghai shall complete a 7-day quarantine period at home.

Each team member who traveled in Hubei or other key area shall complete a 14-day quarantine period. To our knowledge, no one has been in Hubei or any key area recently. If it is not the case, please let Bruno Grangier know in a personnal message.

3/ Person under special quarantine for any reason after February 9, 2020 shall be considered as working from home remotely. Please contact Wendy Song in case you have stay home due to any local regulation and if you need a special equipment to work.

4/ You are invited to wear a mask outside the office. Inside the office, wearing a mask is allowed but not compulsory.

5/ Wendy Song has been appointed as Flu Manager. The procedure and function of this person will be described when you come back to the office.

6/ Each person shall let the flu manager verify his/her body temperature before entering the office.

7/ We have ordered masks and hand cleaning products for the team members, in case you cannot find your own equipment.

8/ Team members may take their meal in the office until further notice. A microwave has been ordered.

9/ Please wash your hands before entering the office. This is a simple and very effective way to reduce the risk of infection.

10/ Please note that the building management has its own rules. Everybody must comply with the building management rules as well as these rules.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any concern, please contact Bruno Grangier by WeChat or by phone (136 6182 8004).

Kind regards,

The Partners