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20 February 2020

LEAF OnLine – Session 1

We were invited by Biggi Stefansson (IS SEAFOOD) to discuss with 40 F&B Business Leaders in China during a webinar on February 17, 2020. We discussed on how to deal… View Article
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16 February 2020

Practical Guide to Respond to the COVID-19 – Chinese version

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14 February 2020

Personal liability of the Executives in China in 2020

The increasing number of regulations in China over the recent years and the trend to hold individuals personally liable caused additional pressure over executives doing business with and in China. Here is an overview of the dos and don’ts in 2020.
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11 February 2020

2020-2030: Our predictions on the main trends in cybersecurity and data compliance

After our review of the past decade, let’s read the winds blowing ahead on the cybersecurity landscape for 2020-2030.
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7 February 2020

Can you apply Hardship or Force Majeure during the Coronavirus crisis?

Assess your contractual obligations under the 2019-nCoV Outbreak With the current 2019 neo-Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic spreading all over China, companies may want to escape their contractual obligations such as payment… View Article
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4 February 2020

Practical Guide to Respond to the COVID-19 by Leaf

The purpose of this Practical Guide by Leaf is to share with business leaders some guidance and best-practices on how to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in China on their operations and mitigate disruptions.
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7 January 2020

LEAF Team wishes you the best for 2020!

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6 January 2020

2010-2020: A review of the decade’s most defining cyber security and data compliance events

COSTS The cost of Penalties, fines and settlements that occurred in the last decade around cyber security and data compliance came to a total of USD 1,45 billion, calculated from… View Article
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9 December 2019

Leaf: recognized as a notable firm by IFLR1000

THE IFLR1000 which publishes “the guide to the world’s leading financial and corporate law firms“, ranked LEAF among top leading law firms. The 2020 market research, distinguishes our law firm… View Article
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26 November 2019

China’s New Foreign Investment Law: what do you need to negotiate in your JV?

The new Foreign Investment Law (“FIL”) was passed and published on March 15, 2019 and will take effect on January 1st, 2020.               According to the FIL and its… View Article
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13 November 2019

Social Credit in China: Which impacts on a due diligence?

The Chinese government has announced that China’s social credit system will be effective for individuals and companies by the end of 2020. The final implementation phase is currently ongoing, and… View Article
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11 November 2019

Notice on Protecting Minors against Online Gaming Addiction

After having implemented measures towards age control and randomized in-app purchases (known as “loot boxes”) in 2018, online games operators (“Operators”) are submitted to new obligations to further prevent addiction… View Article
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21 October 2019

Leaf assists Planet O in US$ 3.2 Million raise to develop eSports and digital gaming hubs

Leaf assists Planet O Ltd. to raise approximately $ 3.2 million USD in a seed funding round to develop eSports. The investment round was led by the global real estate… View Article
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8 October 2019

Leaf: winner of the 2019 award Cross Border Transactions Law Firm by Finance Monthly

Leaf is very honored to receive the 2019 award for Cross Border Transactions Law Firm by Finance Monthly.
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