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28 October 2020

Personal Information Protection Law: finally a reference text for handling PI in China – but how comprehensive is it?

Following the general update on cybersecurity compliance started in 2017, the PRC regulator focuses now on Personal Information in a draft version of the Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”) released… View Article
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18 August 2020

Investing in China: Lingang or Hainan?

In 2018, the Communist Party of China Central Committee announced the settlement of China’s first free trade port in Hainan (“Hainan FTP”), instead of Shanghai. In 2019, Lingang New Area… View Article
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21 April 2020

How to use Corporate Social Credit to collect debt?

Companies doing business with China have often faced difficulties in enforcing Court decisions and collecting debts, putting in place expansive and often risky legal strategies to achieve such targets. With… View Article
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26 March 2020

China Labor Law in the Context of the Current Economic Situation

On January 31, 2020, the World Health Organization (“WHO”) has announced the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), as a “Public Health Emergency of Concern”. In order to reduce people’s mobility… View Article
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24 March 2020

Corporate Social Credit system in China: how to check your status?

The Corporate Social Credit System centralizes all data on entities in the Chinese market, and confront these entities with a set of punishments and rewards associated with their behaviors. How to check your status?
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25 February 2020

How the Outbreak of COVID19 is impacting China’s Corporate Social Credit Score

by Gregory Louvel – Leaf While China was still consolidating the corporate social credit score (CSCS) system for companies, the outbreak of COVID-19 has interrupted all non-core business activity during… View Article
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16 February 2020

Practical Guide to Respond to the COVID-19 – Chinese version

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14 February 2020

Personal liability of the Executives in China in 2020

The increasing number of regulations in China over the recent years and the trend to hold individuals personally liable caused additional pressure over executives doing business with and in China. Here is an overview of the dos and don’ts in 2020.
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11 February 2020

2020-2030: Our predictions on the main trends in cybersecurity and data compliance

After our review of the past decade, let’s read the winds blowing ahead on the cybersecurity landscape for 2020-2030.
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7 February 2020

Can you apply Hardship or Force Majeure during the Coronavirus crisis?

Assess your contractual obligations under the 2019-nCoV Outbreak With the current 2019 neo-Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic spreading all over China, companies may want to escape their contractual obligations such as payment… View Article
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4 February 2020

Practical Guide to Respond to the COVID-19 by Leaf

The purpose of this Practical Guide by Leaf is to share with business leaders some guidance and best-practices on how to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in China on their operations and mitigate disruptions.
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6 January 2020

2010-2020: A review of the decade’s most defining cyber security and data compliance events

COSTS The cost of Penalties, fines and settlements that occurred in the last decade around cyber security and data compliance came to a total of USD 1,45 billion, calculated from… View Article
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26 November 2019

China’s New Foreign Investment Law: what do you need to negotiate in your JV?

The new Foreign Investment Law (“FIL”) was passed and published on March 15, 2019 and will take effect on January 1st, 2020.               According to the FIL and its… View Article
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13 November 2019

Social Credit in China: Which impacts on a due diligence?

The Chinese government has announced that China’s social credit system will be effective for individuals and companies by the end of 2020. The final implementation phase is currently ongoing, and… View Article
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