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13 June 2019

Cyber security: have you done your self-assessment?

The MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) has recently announced that organizations falling under its scope have until the 10th of July 2019 to perform and submit to the authorities their self-assessment of their implementation of the… View Article
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12 June 2019

Children’s Data Protection: where does the new PRC regulation go?

Children merit a particular attention with regard to their personal data, as it has been clearly stated in prominent jurisdictions by the EU regulator (EU GDPR, namely Recital 38), the… View Article
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23 May 2019

China’s New Foreign Investment Law

The new China Foreign Investment Law (“FIL”) was passed and published on March 15, 2019 and will take into effect on January 1, 2020. The FIL is composed of six… View Article
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4 April 2019

New regulation on blockchain in China

New regulation on blockchain in China: Between structuring a welcoming environment and creating entry barriers   Issued on 10 January 2019 and entered in force 15 February 2019, the “Provisions on… View Article
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9 March 2019

E-commerce Law in China

E-commerce in China   On 31 August 2018, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed Electronic Commerce Law of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter the ‘E-commerce Law’),… View Article
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27 January 2019

Seed Financing: SAFE notes vs Convertible notes

At the stage of seed financing, entrepreneurs have the choice to use different types of documents to raise funds: equity, convertible debt and convertible equity. In a priced equity round,… View Article
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25 January 2019

Trademark Protection in China

Trademark Protection in China 19 February 2019  A new classification for trademark application came into effect  The China National Trademark Office has issued a notice to implement the 2019 version of the 11th Edition of the… View Article
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20 December 2018

Insulate yourself from China Cybersecurity law liabilities

Effective since 1st of June, 2017, Cybersecurity Law (“CSL”) of the People’s Republic of China (“China”) places itself as an overarching regulatory framework to cover all cybersecurity matters from network… View Article
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1 June 2018

Outbound Investments in China

In line with the intention of the PRC authorities to promote the new belt and silk road, the pace of Chinese investments outside of China (a.k.a outbound investments) keeps growing…. View Article
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14 May 2018

Copyright in blockchains: the elephant in the room

by Leaf law firm & Vidon IP group Public awareness on blockchains recently gained traction, for they are often tied up with the much-ballyhooed bitcoin cryptocurrency or some breakthrough application… View Article
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1 February 2018

Leaf launches new cybersecurity lab

The ForensicsLab is a new partnership between Leaf and TekID, dedicated to cybersecurity. It offers a range of services from digital auditing to anti-corruption investigation and advice on new data-protection… View Article
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31 October 2017

China seeks shareholding transparency

China does not take capital control lightly. As a country, it is going to great lengths to prevent a high level of capital from leaving China. To do this, it… View Article
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1 September 2017

How to negotiate a term sheet

~ Remember, « it is just a first step » ~ During the course of startup maturation, founders will, at some point, need to deal with new investors. Prior to… View Article
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14 August 2017

China’s New Cybersecurity Law Update

~ First Batch of Catalog ~ Following shortly China’s New Cybersecurity Law, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) announced a Catalog of the equipment subject to security review. Despite being… View Article
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