01. About

Our team is assisting business leaders in their cross-border operations with Asia. Since the beginning, Leaf has been created in order to provide assistance on M&A and to finance operations for business leaders. Our Partners and team members were involved in cross-border transactions with major MNCs, entrepreneurs and funds in China. In addition, Leaf has integrated a corporate finance capability to assist clients to prepare their transactions valuation and better manage their financial and tax due diligence.

02. Expertises

Mergers & Acquisitions transactions in China

Our M&A lawyers represent public and private companies, investors, and start-ups in their complex transactions between China and foreign countries.

Joint-Venture and Strategic Alliances

Setting up a joint-venture in China requires a deep understanding of legal constraints, corporate governance dynamics and the ability to handle complex negotiations with public and private partners. Here at Leaf, we are experts in all of these areas and help business leaders navigate these transactions.

Intellectual Property Rights

We help to protect your Intellectual Property Rights and define your anti-ingringment policy in China. We act as your custom agent for the custom surveillance of your trademarks.

Commercial Law and Distribution

We help our clients to deal with complex contractual projects for online and offline distribution networks.

Corporate Law

Company longevity in China varies considerably depending on the quality of planning that occurs at the company’s inception. Early planning is highly recommended as local business practices and legal restrictions of foreign invested players are important to early structuring and will impact future cash flow and business models.

Employment Law

Our team helps companies and top management in China to build solid employment relationships and to manage potential individual and collective crisis.


Our firm specializes in helping our clients to deal with compliance matters and executive liability prevention programs.

Corporate Finance

Our firm has a dedicated corporate finance department which can help our clients not only in their M&A deal preparation but also in their business management.

Private Equity and Financing

We help clients to structure, audit and negotiate financing mainly for the growth of businesses targeting the Chinese market.