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11 Feb 2020  -  Corporate
Dividend Distribution of Foreign Invested Enterprises

It is known that China maintains the regulatory system on foreign exchange flowing into and out of China. Since repatriation profit from China is always one of the biggest concern... View Article

06 Aug 2019  - 
Incubators and accelerators

During recent years, incubators and accelerators became buzzwords with entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to start a business from scratch. The numbers of these startup support facilities in China... View Article

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LEAF OnLine – Session 1

20 February 2020
We were invited by Biggi Stefansson (IS SEAFOOD) to discuss with 40 F&B Business Leaders in China during a webinar on February 17, 2020. We discussed on how to deal… View Article
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Practical Guide to Respond to the COVID-19 – Chinese version

16 February 2020
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Personal liability of the Executives in China in 2020

14 February 2020
The increasing number of regulations in China over the recent years and the trend to hold individuals personally liable caused additional pressure over executives doing business with and in China. Here is an overview of the dos and don’ts in 2020.
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2020-2030: Our predictions on the main trends in cybersecurity and data compliance

11 February 2020
After our review of the past decade, let’s read the winds blowing ahead on the cybersecurity landscape for 2020-2030.
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