13.06.19 Compliance
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Cyber security: have you done your self-assessment?

The MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) has recently announced that organizations falling under its scope have until the 10th of July 2019 to perform and submit to the authorities their self-assessment of their implementation of the MLPS (the applicable cyber security protection framework made mandatory under the China Cyber security Law) and of the current cyber security conditions of their systems and networks.

The Ministry of Public Security has also warned that all organizations need to quickly (1) determine and file with the proper authorities their cybersecurity level under the MLPS  if it has not been done yet, and (2) implement corresponding obligations.

Who is concerned? 

Every network operators, ie, every companies, shall do the self-assessment and file it with the PSB.

However, the deadline of July 10, 2019 is applicable to every company licensed or certified by MIIT that must complete the self-assessment and file it with authorities. This will affect telecoms, internet businesses, domain name registration service providers and otherwise licensed or certified by MIIT or other relevant telecom authorities.

These authorities have declared that they will, in the very coming months, conduct numerous random checks and on-site inspections to verify if organizations are compliant, order non-compliance to be rectified and take sanctions against offenders.

No doubt that organizations which fail to heed these warnings run heightened risks of finding themselves, very soon, in hot waters. Suspension and disruption of activities are to be anticipated for companies that have not complied yet with their obligations.

Where does your company stand, as of today, in terms of CSL compliance program?

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