15.12.17 Compliance
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Entertainment and Media

Advertising: leaf team has structured activities related to the collection, use, storage and transfer of personal data from users in public places.

Leaf has provided general advice on compliance issues and structuring activities in the PRC to a NASDAQ listed company.

Music:   leaf team has assisted a Music label to set up its operations in China; drafting and negotiating some music license agreement and production agreement including for dubbing with Chinese and US movie stars.

Music Agency:   Leaf team is to negotiate music production and post production agreement with US production company for Chinese music artists. Setting a music agency company for the identification and development of Chinese stars, assisting the discussions of the agent with national Chinese TV events for the stars.

Media:  Leaf is  structuring and negotiating a joint venture between a Chinese state-owned enterprise and a European leader of the media industry for media buying and production of media in China.