Commercial Law and
Intellectual Property rights

01. About

Commercial Law and commercial contracts, Intellectual Property, Establish your distribution network online and offline in China, Negotiate effectively in China, Crisis management, Business Intelligence.

Build up solid assets with solid contractual arrangements:
When doing business in China, solid contractual arrangements with local partners are necessary to anticipate potential commercial disputes.
Our long experience doing business in China will point you toward efficient contractual arrangements to protect your supply chain locally and build your assets value. China is a very active market for intellectual property generation since it has shifted from factory of world to world lab. drafting and negotiating commercial contracts effectively often involve a solid knowledge in intellectual property rights especially as we are dealing with industrial, retail and wholesale and tech providers.

Protect your Intellectual property:
With the size of the Chinese market shares growing in the total business of our clients, enhancing the protection of local IPs has become a key tool to ensure the protection of the value of our clients at global level. We help define and implement the best IP strategy for China to protect the growth and value of your business.
Registration of intellectual property before entering the Chinese market is a must. The protection of Intellectual property rights is a challenge to prevent counterfeiting but also to make sure that a competitor will not prevent from operating on the market. By designing the right IP strategy , we help our clients to prevent costly IP wars on the Chinese market. Defining your intellectual property strategy in China is a necessity to enter some markets such as the online distribution or to structure repatriation of IP royalties from China to overseas.
Proof of ownership of IP rights will be necessary to secure market access and enter partnerships with quality Chinese distributors. Third party IP rights squatting is still an active practice in China. We can help foreign companies to protect their IP rights locally before starting to do business locally.

02. Practices

We help business leaders operate their business in a complex and fast moving environment:
I Negotiate efficiently main commercial contracts
I Protect and monetize intellectual property
I Analyze commercial contracts during M&A due diligence
I Establish online and offline distribution networks
I Map IP rights and defining IP strategy