01. About

Employment Law, alternative dispute resolution, crisis management with employees. Manage your employment matters in China:

Attracting talents and managers to operate business is key in any competitive market. Our Team has extensive experience in advising companies and their managers in connection with their mobility planning as well as the creation of management packages and dealing with equity and non-equity employee incentives to retain talents:
I We observe an increasing level of litigation between employers and employees.
I We assist our clients to deal with hostile labour environment situations and manage the exit of sensitive employees including iconic cases or collective bargaining in the event of strikes or restructuring triggering closure of business units.
I We are used to communicating efficiently with the relevant authorities and to negotiate with employees and their representatives.
I We assist our client to ensure the compliance of their operations and help to prevent or react against white collar criminal actions.
I We provide training programs on many topics involving the management and their teams including antitrust, anti-corruption, executives’ liability, corporate social credit and cybersecurity programs.
I We have the internal capacity to collect digital evidence with our forensic Laboratory operated by our tech partner.

02. Practices

We help business leaders operate their business in a complex and fast moving environment:
I Employment restructuring operations and employment due-diligence
I Structure management packages and incentive packages
I Deal with individual and collective employment relationships
I Manage employment crisis or exit of top executives
I Preventing or reacting against white collar crime and ensure compliance
I Collect evidence from digital forensic
I Alternative dispute resolution (mediation / negotiation)