and Strategic Alliances

01. About

The process of establishing a joint-venture in China is the result of a succession of strategic negotiations between Chinese and foreign parties. With our wealth of experience – more than 300 operations involving China- our multicultural team helps investors to close their deals.

Our lawyers have helped business leaders to successfully negotiate and close operations that lead to long-term cooperation in various economic sectors such as industry, services, tech, energy, supply chain, logistics, automotive, aviation, manufacture, consumer goods, distribution, natural resources, agro, and F&B. By working diligently to understand each other’s backgrounds and expectations and take the time to negotiate and recognize the limits of potential partners is we can help you craft tailor-made partnerships and successful joint-ventures. Addressing potential issues from their inception and anticipating blocking situations that need to be addressed in exit strategy clauses are also an important part of the preliminary work that our team assists our clients with. Our cross-cultural team also helps our clients to finalize and validate client’ business models. We can help business leaders navigate complex negotiations and plan successful projects that abide by legal constraints and local requirements. To learn more about our expertise in drafting joint-venture agreements, please read our track-record.

02. Practices

Our joint-venture practice can help your business:
I Structure your joint-ventures transactions
I Prepare your negotiations with private partners or state-owned partners
I Conduct background checks on potential partners
I Risk analysis of contemplated partnerships
I Protection of minority shareholders rights
I Secure land-use rights for industrial project
I Assistance during negotiations
I Setting up of Joint-Venture vehicles
I Manage closing obligations with various government authorities

03. What clients say about us…

From the founder of a video-gaming Joint venture with a Chinese tech giant:

“The Leaf lawyers have assisted me for a few years on complex negotiations and structuring issues in China; involving discussions with Chinese partners including SOEs. Their knowledge of the PRC legal environment and understanding of business practices makes Leaf an asset on our side for the development of our business in China. I would recommend them to anybody who is planning to work in China or with Chinese companies including SOEs: their legal expertise is at the top of the industry, they have a very good understanding of the business in China, they analyze the risks very deeply and carefully and finally they understand the dynamics of the Chinese Market.”

From the Secretary General of a worldwide Construction Company with entities in China:

“Leaf is a reliable partner. Their team successfully delivered on a key project involving complex negotiations with Chinese counterparts. Their key recommendations for action and professional achievements were completely satisfying. I would go with them for the next matter or deal.”