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This handbooks aims at describing the basics of employment laws and regulations in China

16 Jul 2020  -  Employment Law
Is it compulsory to sign a labor contract?

In the situation of full-time employment, the signature of a written labor contract between the employer and the employee is compulsory. The contract shall be signed before the end of... View Article

hired by an employer in China
15 Jul 2020  -  Employment Law
What are the special requirements for a foreign employee to be hired by an employer in China?

Foreign employees enjoy the same privileges as local employees in terms of minimum salary, working hours, standards of hygiene and rest, and leave provisions. If a foreigner is to be... View Article

working conditions
15 Jul 2020  -  Employment Law
What are the mandatory working conditions for employees in the PRC?

Minimum Salary: the minimum salary requirement is determined at the municipal or provincial level. For example, the updated monthly minimum salary in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen in 2020 is RMB... View Article

15 Jul 2020  -  Employment Law
What is the use of an Employee Handbook?

The Employee Handbook can be considered as a “Code of Conduct” for the employees. It provides for mandatory terms and processes that are not always included in standard labor contracts.... View Article

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15 Jul 2020  -  Employment Law
Managing employment disputes and terminating employment contracts

In the PRC, labor disputes have increased dramatically in recent years and employers are facing an uncomfortable new reality that employees know their rights and will challenge management to defend... View Article

15 Jul 2020  -  Employment Law
How is economic compensation calculated?

Economic compensation shall be granted to an employee based on its years of service with the employer at the rate of one Month’s Wage for each full year of service.... View Article

the restrictions of labor dispatching
15 Jul 2020  -  Employment Law
What are the restrictions of labor dispatching?

10% –the number of total dispatched employees used by an end-user should not exceed 10 percent of its total number of employees. However, representative offices of foreign enterprises are not... View Article

15 Jul 2020  -  Employment Law
What are the rules applying to mass layoff in China?

China Labor Contract Law sets forth the conditions to carry out a personnel cutback involving at least 20 persons or a personnel cutback involving less than 20 persons but accounting... View Article