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Greenfield Investment In China

Greenfield projects structures are well-suited for entrepreneurs who do not want to work within the constraints of an existing infrastructure. For that purpose, several structures with different characteristics are available to set up your business in China.

06 May 2019  -  Corporate
Why considering investing in China via Hong Kong ?

As Hong Kong legal and corporate environments have allowed this Special Administrative Region to be more flexible than Mainland China, a foreign entity should use Hong Kong as an entry... View Article

06 May 2019  -  Corporate
What is a Joint-Venture?

Joint ventures are necessarily set up between one or several foreign investor(s) and one or several Chinese investor(s).  – Equity Joint Ventures (EJVs) – Joint ventures companies are divided between... View Article

06 May 2019  -  Corporate
What are the investment options available in China?

China is rolling out more foreign investor-friendly measures to encourage foreign investors to invest in China, especially in modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing, and modern service industries. According to the Ministry... View Article