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Greenfield Investment In China

Greenfield projects structures are well-suited for entrepreneurs who do not want to work within the constraints of an existing infrastructure. For that purpose, several structures with different characteristics are available to set up your business in China.

29 May 2019  -  Corporate
Holding Company in China: Investment Options

Holding Company in China can set up by foreign investors to hold their investments in FIEs and to provide services to their subsidies. Specific Requirements (Holding Company in China) To... View Article

29 May 2019  -  Corporate
Regional Headquarters – Investment Options in China

REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS can be set up to coordinate and provide services to group companies in the region. Both inside and outside China. The benefits of regional headquarters depend upon which... View Article

29 May 2019  -  Corporate
Foreign Invested Partnerships in China: Investment Options

A Foreign invested partnerships in China may be a general or a limited liability partnership, with at least one foreign partner. CHARACTERISTICS (Foreign invested partnerships in China) A foreign invested partnership... View Article

29 May 2019  -  Corporate
FICLS in China : Investment Options

FICLS in China : A “Foreign Invested Company Limited By Shares” is a company limited by shares rather than a limited liability company, therefore it has a share capital divided... View Article

28 May 2019  -  Corporate
Investment Options in China – Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOES)

WHOLLY FOREIGN OWNED ENTERPRISE (WFOE) – A limited liability company with 100% foreign ownership, most often set up by a single foreign investor. The liberalization of foreign investment increased the... View Article

06 May 2019  -  Corporate
Investing in China: Why considering using Hong Kong as an entry point?

Why considering investing in China via Hong Kong ? As Hong Kong legal and corporate environments have allowed this Special Administrative Region to be more flexible than Mainland China. A... View Article

06 May 2019  -  Corporate
What is a Joint Venture in China ?

A joint venture is an investment vehicle available in China for the foreign investor(s) accessing to the Chinese market together with its Chinese partner(s) for specific tasks. Joint ventures are... View Article

06 May 2019  -  Corporate
Investment in China: What are the available options ?

What are the available options for investment in China ? First, to encourage foreign investors to invest in its country, China has decided to take many positive measures. As a... View Article