10.09.20 Intellectual Property
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Protecting your intellectual property rights in China

Every company contemplating doing business in China shall think about its intellectual property protection before starting any step. The intellectual property rights legal regime in China involves trademark, copyright, patent, trade secrets, domain names, know-how, etc. which are valuable assets for companies.

Register your trademark in China

– Why should you protect your trademark in China?

– What risks do you face by not registering your trademark in China?

– Which remedies can be used in case of trademark squatting?

– What are coexistence agreements between trademark owners?

– When to protect your trademark?

– How to protect your trademark in China?

– What is “well-known trademark” in China?

– Duration and geographical extent of trademark protection?

– What is territorial extension of trademark?

Register copyrights in China

– Is it compulsory to register the copyright?

– What is protected by copyright registration?

– What kind of work is covered by a copyright registration?

– What is the procedure to register a computer software as a copyright in China?

– Which rights does a software copyright owner enjoy?

– What is the procedure to register artworks as a copyright in China?

Register your domain names in China

– Why should foreign companies register the domain name in China?

– What is the procedure to register a domain name in China?

Technology transfer and licensing

– What are the regulations regarding cross-border technology transfer in China?

– What is the purpose of a licensing agreement?

– Which elements should a licensing agreement contain?

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