17.03.20 Compliance
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Impact of the COVID-19 on the Corporate Social Credit in China

We are invited by the Bencham (Benelux Chamber of Commerce) in Shanghai to discuss with Business Leaders in China during a webinar on March 18, 2020 at 16h (PRC Time).

The question of how to prevent defaults under the Corporate Social Credit System (CSCS) caused by potential bad credit records of enterprises during the outbreak has become a critical issue.

We will discuss during this webinar:

  • How CSCS is implemented by various authorities since its roll out?
  • If new regulations dealing with COVID-19 make things more difficult in practice?
  • How foreign invested companies adjust to CSCS?
  • What mitigation solution they may implement in the current outbreak context?
  • How is the future of CSCS shaping up?
  • What are Benelux business’ perspectives on continuity of business amidst COVID-19?

Thank Cecilia for this discussion.

Speakers are Gregory Louvel & Bruno Grangier (Partners of Leaf) with Cecilia Vermeulen, General Manager of the Bencham Shanghai, and acting as moderator of this discussion.


To know more on how to conduct the basic preliminary check on some of the main public databases, you can read our article “Corporate Social Credit system in China: how to check your status?”.

If you want to conduct a professional due diligence investigation and set up the right set of processes to mitigate risks related to your Corporate Social Credit, why don’t you contact Bruno Grangier and Gregory Louvel?

The presentation to follow this discussion is as follows: