26.06.23 M&A Transactions
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Leaf supports VO2 Group in the successful majority stake acquisition of Slingshot to drive Asian brand growth

Leaf has provided guidance to VO2 Group, a leader in consulting in new technologies, centered around customer experience, in its acquisition of a majority stake in Slingshot, a prominent player in China supporting digital acceleration in the luxury, retail, and innovative scale-up sectors, as well as major CAC40 companies. This acquisition represents a significant strategic step for VO2 Group, as it aims to expand its footprint in Asia and tackle the challenges of digital transformation, customer experience and Web 3.0.

VO2 Group operates in Paris, Montreal, Shanghai, Casablanca, and New York, and boasts a team of over 600 consultants dedicated to supporting major players in various industries. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including business and digital strategy, IT consulting, data strategy, web and mobile product design, and the creation of tailored digital experiences.

The decade-long partnership between VO2 and Slingshot in digital communication, technical expertise, and CRM has yielded substantial growth in digital projects originating from China. The establishment of VO2 Asia Pacific allows to better cater to the demands of clients and solidify their presence in China and the region.

The majority stake acquisition of Slingshot perfectly aligns with VO2 Group’s vision of driving brand growth in Asia. Slingshot specializes in crafting exceptional experiences for consumers and professionals through digital platforms, campaigns, and content.

Leaf has supported VO2 Group throughout the due diligence process, the structuring of the transaction, and the negotiation process until the closing of the deal. Charlotte Mantoux, Leaf’s Partner based in Paris, led the deal with the assistance of teams based in France and in China, ensuring a successful acquisition for VO2 Group.

“The acquisition of Slingshot represents a milestone for VO2 Group as they expand their reach in Asia and further solidify their position in China, delivering the best to their clients active in the Chinese market,” said Charlotte Mantoux, the Paris-based Partner.

Bruno Grangier, Founding Partner of Leaf: “We are thrilled to have been involved in this strategic acquisition which confirms VO2 Group’s commitment to professionally deliver innovative digital experiences to their clients in China. Leaf’s expertise and bi-cultural teams in China and France are valued by our clients involved in cross-border transactions in China, enabling them to make informed decisions and negotiate their transactions effectively.”

About Leaf

Leaf is a multi-awarded corporate law firm that specializes in Asia-focused operations.

With a strong track record, we provide comprehensive guidance to international corporations and mid-cap enterprises, ensuring the smooth completion of their cross-border operations and joint ventures with both state-owned and private partners. Additionally, we assist our clients in strategic undertakings throughout Asia and offer expertise in structuring investments in start-ups based in the region.

Our team comprises skilled international corporate lawyers located in both China and France.

For further information

Charlotte Mantoux: c.mantoux@leaf-legal.com

Bruno Grangier: b.grangier@leaf-legal.com

Website: www.leaf-legal.com

About VO2

VO2 Group supports the digital acceleration of major players in the luxury, retail, innovative scaleups and most of the major CAC40 companies. VO2 Group operates in Paris, Montreal, Shanghai, Casablanca, and New York with over 600 consultants. As a global player in customer experience, VO2 Group is involved in everything from business, digital, IT and data strategy to the design of web and mobile products and the creation of tailor-made digital experiences.

For more information: https://www.vo2-group.com/en/

About Slingshot

Slingshot is an independent Tech and Communication agency in Shanghai. They craft experiences for consumers and professionals with digital platforms, campaigns, and content, to grow brands in Asia. Their crew of 60 passionate experts has been at the forefront of numerous creative and technical projects spanning Asia, Europe, and US.

For more information: https://www.slingshot.sh/