01. About

Company longevity in China varies considerably depending on the quality of planning that occurs at the company’s inception. Early planning is highly recommended as local business practices and legal restrictions of foreign invested players are important to early structuring and will impact future cash flow and business models.

Our industry expertise ranges from manufacturing, automobile, aeronautics, online and offline distribution, digital marketing, tech, pharma, energy, agro-business (upstream and downstream), etc. Furthermore, we have advised clients on greenfield and brownfield projects, debt and equity restructuring. In the event of large investments involving land and construction of infrastructure, buildings and equipment installation, we are staffed to negotiate with local authorities and investment parks to obtain the best incentive package and to conduct land-use right due diligence. Special licences and authorisations from specific authorities (FDA, product licence, GMP, etc) may be requested in some sectors, depending on the equipment and products that are dealt with. We help our clients to file application documentation efficiently and provide necessary overviews. Our extensive knowledge and experience in China allow us to provide you with valuable insight into the increasingly complex business landscape in China and helps our clients’ board of directors to navigate the environment with ease. Leaf works with our clients’ top management so they feel more confident in their ability to manage Chinese business risks and strategies by providing insights into corporate culture, and a thorough understanding of the political, regulatory, legal and criminal environment and straight to the point crisis management. We provide our assistance on daily corporate operations such as capital increases, share swaps, and liquidation contributions.

02. Practices

Here is a short list of expertise we provide our clients with:
I Investing in China directly or through other contractual arrangements
I Incorporating a company in Asia (incl. China)
I Growing your company in China
I Boardroom risk management
I Distribution of dividends
I Restructuring your business in China
I Liquidating your business in China
I Exiting China