23.09.20 M&A Transactions

Mergers & Acquisitions Deals in China

Those past few years, M&A deals in China have become much larger and spread across a wider range of industries such as energy, manufacturing and services. China enacted the Measures on Mergers and Acquisitions of Chinese Enterprises by Foreign Investors in 2006, forming an M&A regulatory regime, which has been revised by the competent authority in 2009.

1. Mergers

  • Mergers between FIEs
  • Mergers between FIEs and Domestic Enterprises

2. Acquisitions

  • Equity deal
  • Asset deal
  • Structuring the acquisition
  • Asset deal or equity deal?

3. Protection of the market

  • Main principles
  • Monopolies or restrictive agreements
  • Merger control
  • Control of Dominant Position Abuse

4. Control of the National security

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