On-Line Video Game Industry

15 December 2017

Leaf has provided video gaming companies with assistance for the production of games involving the licensing of use of IP rights for gaming development and distribution operations.

Leaf is assisting several on-line video games and mobile gaming companies (including one iTunes best seller) to enter and exit publishing and distribution contracts.

Leaf team has assisted a mobile video game leader in the restructuring of its entities in China including in relation with Variable Interests Entities issues, on the compliance of their activity related to internet advertising, privacy policy, data privacy and cyber security and for negotiation with infringing third parties.

Leaf team has assisted a video game actor in the negotiation of publishing contracts in China and the protection of their intellectual property rights.

Leaf team has advised a fast growing entertainment company on the incorporation of their Chinese structure, the application for licenses, and compliance with the game industry regulations and contracting with local key partners (Youku, Tencent, Baidu, etc).