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protect your trademark
11 Sep 2020  -  IP
Register your trademark in China

China is the country receiving the largest number of trademark applications not only because it is a key market but also because starting business in China without registering your trademark... Lire l'article

trademark  protection
10 Sep 2020  -  IP
How to protect your trademark in China?

– File trademark applications in advance Unlike some other countries, which require, among other documentation, proof of use of a trademark in commerce before registration, CNIPA does not require the... Lire l'article

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Leaf assists OLYGOSE on its purchase by AIDP, US leader in health and wellness field.

30 septembre 2020
PRESS RELEASE September 30, 2020 LEAF has advised OLYGOSE, an independent French company that markets and sells a range of prebiotics for the food, beverage, and food supplement industries and… Lire l’article
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Investing in China: Lingang or Hainan?

18 août 2020
In 2018, the Communist Party of China Central Committee announced the settlement of China’s first free trade port in Hainan (“Hainan FTP”), instead of Shanghai. In 2019, Lingang New Area… Lire l’article
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LEAF OnLine – Cracking the Code of Online Business in China – Ep. #3

23 juin 2020
Decodeur de l’e-commerce ep3. Bruno Grangier, Partner of Leaf in Shanghai and Sandrine Zerbib, Founder of Fulljet are presenting a series of webinars to crack the code of e-commerce in China.
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Cybersecurity Review Measures: new pressure on foreign security solution providers and CIIO’s procurement departments

29 mai 2020
What is the new regulation? According to the “Network Security Review Measures” (the “Measures”) published on 27th of April 2020 by the Standardisation Committee TC260 of the Peoples republic of… Lire l’article
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